logo SLIM<sup>TM</sup> - The Simple Locking Intra Medullary System

SLIMTM - The Simple Locking Intra Medullary System

Simple and straight to the point!

SLIMTM - The Simple Locking Intra Medullary System

Simple and straight to the point!

The SLIM (Simple Locking IntraMedullary) system is a new generation of pediatric orthopedic pins specifically designed to create a stable fixation in long bones with small canals.

The Pega PEGs allow interlocking of both the FD Rod and SLIM:

Pega Medical
  • Provides increase fixation in osteopenic bone
  • Reduce the risk of migration
  • Size 2.0, 2.4 and 2.8
  • Length Range 16-60mm
Pega Medical

Introducing the Bullet for distal interlocking of SLIM rods

  • Creates axial and rotational stability
  • Capable of locks 2.0, 2.6, 3.2 and 4.0 SLIM rods
  • Available in Ø4.8 and Ø 6.0 with length ranging from 16 to 60mm
  • All-in-one Implant and Instrument Tray

For more information please consult the Surgical Technique.


Intended use

The SLIM (Simple Locking IntraMedullary) System is indicated as a temporary implant to ensure alignment, stabilization and fixation of long bones that have been surgically prepared (osteotomy) for correction of deformities, or fractures caused by trauma or disease. The SLIM System is used for pediatric patients.


  • Available sizes range from Ø2.0 - 6.4mm
  • Threaded head design aims to prevent implant migration
  • Distal locking options
  • All-in-one instrumentation allows simple insertion and removal
Pega Medical
Pega Medical

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