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Helping Children
around the world

for over two decades
Kids deserve our never-ending focus. Pega Medical is excited to join the OrthoPediatrics family, working together to reach more kids around the world.

Our dedication to pediatric orthopedics over the last two decades has established Pega Medical as the first medical device manufacturer fully devoted to the development of specialty orthopedic implants for children. Because children have a developing anatomy and most adult orthopedic problems come from untreated or mistreated childhood skeletal problems, we set out in 1996 to conceive orthopedic implants, not only anthropometrically and biomechanically correct, but also that take into account one important factor: Growth!

Your partner in innovation from idea to market

Pega Medical is a company specializing in the design, development, evaluation and manufacturing of medical devices. Our innovative staff of bioengineers, industrial designers and ergonomists utilizes full 3-D modeling, Finite Element Analysis, static and fatigue testing equipment to deliver the highest quality products and designs to the healthcare industry in general and more particularly the surgeon.

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Scientific and trade events

Pega Medical will be attending the following meetings during the year of 2021-2022. Please come by to our booth or contact us to make an appointment if you would like to discuss our newest products.

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OI2022 Annual Meeting

Thank you all for attending our training at OI2022. Special thanks to Dr Wallace and Dr Esposito for sharing your knowledge!
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Now Part of the Orthopediatrics Family!

We are excited to join the Orthopediatrics family and look forward to working together to reach more and more kids around the world!
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Pega Medical was honoured to be a part of POSNA 2022. Thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate our anniversaries and showing your support!
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